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Student Council
The Student Council promotes leadership, self-confidence, and self-reliance. It is a privilege, not a right, and teaches students important lessons regarding the proper balance of freedom, privilege, and responsibility. The Student Council members serve as liaisons between the student body and school administration, leaders for the student body, and role models and ambassadors to the Bound Brook community.
Bound Brook High School's Student Council assists in planning and running our seasonal pep rallies, our fall homecoming dance, and our homecoming halftime show at the football game. They also participate in school-wide fundraising efforts. Students who are members of Student Council get exposed to a wide variety of opportunities, both locally and nationally.
Advisor: Ms. Lauren Kowalczyk
Google Classroom Code: krijjx3
2020 SC
2019-2020 Student Council Team
2020-2021 Executive Board
Student Council President/Senior Class President: Laurant Morris
Student Council Vice President/Senior Class Vice President: Lorean Hofer
Treasurer: Angie Escalante
Secretary: Jordan Chaves
Junior Class President: Yulianna Acuna
Sophomore Class President: Jayda Holloway-Jenkins
Freshman Class President: Brenda Olivera Hernandez