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Academic League
Bound Brook High School is a member of the Somerset County Academic League. We have two high school teams who participate in the league: a Junior Varsity team (Underclassmen) and a Varsity team (Seniors Only). 
Academic League competitions are held on Thursdays beginning in the month of November and last until mid-February. The teams go to a host school, where students participate in a quiz format similar to the Jeopardy game. When arriving at the host school, students have time to prepare for the matches and eat a quick snack provided by the host school. Each match lasts approximately 60 minutes of active competition. There are 10 total teams in the league and each team will be played once a season. At the end of the season, the team with the maximum wins will decide the first and second place. Winners are determined for both JV and Varsity Teams. The students and teams are then ranked against every other student and team in the state.  
Questions are focused around the following topics: General knowledge, American History, Easy Math, Tough Math, American Literature, Sports, Current Events, Geography, Arts and Entertainment, Fictional Characters, Foreign Culture, Life Sciences, Visual, These United States, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine/Health, Mythology/Religion, Historical Figures, Government & Law, Grammar, Where in the World, and Fine Arts. 
Advisor: Ms. Lauren Kowalczyk