National Honor Society » Selection Process

Selection Process

Step One:

The NHS faculty advisors send out eligibility letters to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have a cumulative GPA of 90% or above.

Step Two:

Eligible students and parents are invited to attend an informational workshop conducted by the faculty advisers.

Step Three:

Students complete Student Activity Information Form (SAIF) and provide four teachers with teacher recommendation forms. 

Students are responsible for ensuring that all forms are returned by the deadline as set by the faculty advisors.

Step Four:

The faculty council reviews SAIFs and teacher recommendation forms. 

The council, by majority vote, determines which students are selected for membership to the chapter.

Step Five:

Candidates who have actively pursued membership receive letters mailed to their homes advising them of the decision.  Any student wishing to appeal the council’s decision must do so, in writing to the principal, within 72 hours.