National Honor Society » Bylaws


Bound Brook High School

Chapter Bylaws


1. The officers of this chapter shall be president, vice-president, secretary, and



2. A majority of votes cast shall be necessary to elect any officer to this chapter.


3. It shall be the duty of the president to preside at the meetings of this chapter and

    be responsible for coordinating the community service activities of the chapter.


4. The vice-president shall fill the chair of the president in his/her absence and keep

    records of documented service hours.


5. The treasurer is responsible for coordinating the fund raising activities of the

    chapter and for maintaining funds.


6. The secretary is responsible for informing members of meeting dates, keeping a

    record of member attendance at meetings and taking minutes of meetings.


7. Members of the Bound Brook Chapter of the NHS will perform a minimum of

    twenty hours of community service per year.  Students are encouraged to work

    more than the minimum number of hours and will fill out a service form recording

    their service.  This form will be submitted to the NHS advisor by the end of June.

    Failure to complete the service requirement will jeopardize a student’s

    membership status in the society.  The twenty hours will be completed as follows:

    1) a minimum of 20 hours of service must be completed during the school year

    2) a minimum of 5 of the aforementioned hours of service must be devoted to

        a NHS sponsored event

  3) a maximum of 5 hours of service may be completed during the summer prior to

      the upcoming school year

NOTE: Members are required to participate in all NHS sponsored events.  Hours worked in this capacity may be used to count towards fulfilling their service commitments. The faculty council shall determine the consequences for members who accumulate three unexcused absences from NHS sponsored events.


8. The regular meetings of this chapter shall be held on a bi-monthly basis.


9. The faculty council shall determine the consequences for members who

    accumulate three unexcused absences.


10. Members who are tardy or leave early from chapter meetings on three occasions
 shall be charged with one unexcused absence.


11. The Society embraces high standards of scholarship, service,  leadership, and

      character.  The faculty council shall determine the consequences for members

      who do not maintain a cumulative GPA of 90% or above.  Any student not

      maintaining any one of the other three standards may be recommended to the

      faculty council for dismissal.


12. No student is inducted exclusively because of a high academic average.


13. The role of the faculty advisor(s) is to facilitate chapter activities and meetings

      and to guide the faculty council in the selection process.